Generate TypeScript types from Swagger (OpenAPI 3)

August 27, 2020

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Hi! I’d like to share some code that helped me a lot to work with an API that had been changed often.


The idea is to generate TypeScript types from Swagger’s definition. I found an awesome npm library called @codegena/oapi3ts-cli. To use this you need to store JSON file with API schema locally.

Let’s move to code…

Install dependencies

I used axios to fetch data. You can use anything you want.

npm i -D @codegena/oapi3ts-cli axios

Create folders and files that we need

Now let’s create the scripts/ folder in the root of your project and add two files (fetch-schema.js and schema-codegen.js) inside of the created folder. Also, we need to create src/typings/ folder where we’re gonna save our types and API schema.

// scripts/schema-codegen.js

const cliLib = require("@codegena/oapi3ts-cli")
const cliApp = new cliLib.CliApplication()

cliApp.cliConfig.typingsDirectory = ""
// scripts/fetch-schema.js

const axios = require("axios")
const https = require("https")
const fs = require("fs")
const path = require("path")

const instance = axios.create({
  httpsAgent: new https.Agent({
    rejectUnauthorized: false,

/* The code below will create operation names.
Instead of `/api/User/GetList` you'll get `UserGetList` type
that you can use anywhere */

function addOperationIdsToSchema(schema) {
  const data = schema

  Object.keys(data.paths).forEach(endpointPath => {
    const operations = Object.keys(data.paths[endpointPath])

    operations.forEach(operation => {
      const oprationName = endpointPath.replace("/api/", "").replace(/\//g, "")
      data.paths[endpointPath][operation].operationId = oprationName

  return data

  .then(response => {
    const updatedSchema = addOperationIdsToSchema(
      path.resolve(__dirname, "../src/typings/api-schema.json"),
      JSON.stringify(updatedSchema, null, 2)

    console.log("==> Schema fetched successfully...")

Update package.json

And one of the last things you need to do is add to package.json these lines:

    "scripts": {
        "schema:fetch": "node ./scripts/fetch-schema.js",
        "schema:generate": "node ./scripts/schema-codegen.js --srcPath ./src/typings/api-schema.json --destPath ./src/typings/api --separatedFiles false",
        "schema:codegen": "npm run schema:fetch && npm run schema:generate:api"

Now you can generate your API schema with this command:

npm run schema:codegen

This command generated src/typings/api/ folder with TypeScript definitions.

If you got into some problems, please, let me know to be able to update the article for future readers.

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